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ISO 9001:2008
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Certification Authority TUV ITALY S.R.L.
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Competence, professionalism and service
to the customer since 1928.
Production processes with guarantee of integrity and hygiene with CLEAN ROOM;
exclusive solutions, in the van for food industry and yarns.
Constant technological updating and the capacity to listen to and meet the customer’s requirements enable TUBETTIFICIO VICENTINO to offer cutting edge solutions and to market many products which satisfy the highest of standards. To guarantee the highest technical and mechanical specifications, only "virgin" materials, carefully selected and tested on the basis of buyer’s requirements, are employed. Thanks to the high automation of the manufacturing process we can guarantee low costs and low handling of the end product.
TUBETTIFICIO VICENTINO, founded in 1928, met the demands of the textile industry of that time, converting both paper and wood into technical articles for spinning and weaving mills.

TUBETTIFICIO VICENTINO is a company which since the early postwar period has succeeded in capitalizing on all available market opportunities, focusing its own core business at first on the production of paper and plastic yarn carriers for the textile industry and today on the production of containers for foodstuffs.

The year 2003 represents the turning point. Our company once again prepares to challenge the market, opening a new department for the production of plastic containers for foodstuffs, meeting the highest technological standards and following the most stringent European regulations for hygiene.
Our products
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Pluses and quality
The personalization of our products with the customer’s graphics is executed by IML (in mould labeling) system, which consists of inserting a printed label with a robotic arm: this label is made of the same material as the container itself.
To meet the ever increasing hygiene requirements, TUBETTIFICIO VICENTINO realized a production cycle of moulded containers in PP material within a clean room(production department with controlled and filtered atmosphere).
Listening, attention and solving. And global quality in the service. In order to reach this goal TUBETTIFICIO VICENTINO supports its customers in each step of the order: from the prototype project to the product realization and the final storage. The great space of the plant, conceived almost one century ago, gives, indeed, TUBETTIFICIO VICENTINO the opportunity to hold the product until final disposals of the customer.
TUBETTIFICIO VICENTINO puts respect for nature at the forefront. Our company converts raw materials such as plastic and paper and takes great care in selecting all production waste, without overlooking even paper powder, with the aim of separating them according to type and origin: these separated materials are stocked and then recycled by new manufacturing processes for their regeneration and reuse.
Tubettificio Vicentino S.r.l.
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